Modular X.org version

XF4VNC has been updated so that it's based on the X.org modular tree. New instructions are available here. released!!


The new GetImage option caused some encodings to crash in This has been fixed. released!!


A regression occurred from that caused some instabilities in the vnc connection - this has been fixed.

A new option -useGetImage has been added. Read the RELEASE NOTES for more information. released!!

Purely a bugfix release.

Due to some video drivers not implementing ARGB hardware cursors a server crash occurred. This is now fixed released!!

I'll be dropping the 4.3.0.x releases in favour of the new .10x releases for obvious reasons below.

Features & bug fixes for the .101 release...

* New packaging script which auto-installs and modifies your XF86Config automagically!!

* Everything in one tar.gz - that includes Xvnc and the vnc.so module.

* No longer requires the modified XFree86(tm) video drivers and therefore should work with other manufacturers video drivers, including those from NVIDIA and ATI. So make sure you reinstall the original video drivers before trying this release.

* Now comes packaged with the libVncExt.so.2.0 library and a sample app 'vncevent' - which demonstrates the 'useraccept' feature

* New modular 'vncviewer' which loads the encodings like hextile, corre etc via shared library object modules (i.e. .so files).

* Fixed disconnection when selection occurs.

* Better mouse handling in XFree86 so that hardware cursors can be used.