xf4vnc provides two implementations of VNC in an Xserver. Both implementations are built around XFree86(tm) 4.x which provides numerous new extensions, such as RENDER and GLX.

The first, is to mimic the older 'Xvnc' virtual Xserver that exists in many other VNC implementations. This mode should be a drop in replacement for existing installations.

The second is the 'vnc.so' X server module with allows you to access your normal X display with a VNC viewer

The xf4vnc project also includes a VNC viewer. It's based on the original AT&T viewer but has some enhancements which fix the problem with flickering black rectangles and improves the performance of hextile decoding.

xf4vnc features

* Works with the Xfree86 v4.x codebase, which means new extensions like RENDER and GLX (which means OpenGL(tm)) are supported.

* All features from tightVNC 1.2.9 included, http://sf.net/projects/vnc-tight

* Ability to deliver events upon connection or disconnecting VNC clients.

* Provides a vnc.so to export your local console (aka :0) and the traditional Xvnc Xserver.

* Fast OpenGL direct rendering on VNC clients using Chromium http://chromium.sf.net

Email: alanh @ fairlite.demon.co.uk